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Management Skill Test

For Managers

Assess your leadership qualities

Management Test
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“This test is for managers who are responsible for leading a team and want to maximize their effectiveness as a manager / leader of the team.”

  • Evaluate your management aptitude and style

  • Improve management qualities

  • Discover which of the seven management profiles describe you best


Widely used by HR departments for recruitment and career development, the Management Style Inventory Test gives a complete evaluation of your management aptitude and style.

This test was developed and scientifically validated by Central Test. Central Test is a leader in psychometric testing with more than 3,500 clients and two million internet users worldwide.

The personalized report includes:

  • A detailed description of your skills and management style

  • Your profile compared to seven types of management profile: entrepreneur, motivator, project manager, strategist, leader, manager and expert

  • Personalized feedback

  • A detailed table and graph to explain your results

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EQ Test

For Everybody

Know about your work personality

EQ Test
©Central Test

“Emotions play a vital role in life. Understanding and managing emotions well is key to success in all areas of life."

Emotional Intelligence is a person's ability to identify and manage his/her emotions and those of others in everyday situations.

Essential to self-fulfillment, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in every area of personal and professional life.

This test is based on Peter Salovey and John Mayer's theories about emotional intelligence, which has been further developed by Daniel Goleman and Reuven Bar-On.

Your personalized report gives you:

  • An evaluation  of your global EQ score compared with the rest of the population

  • An analysis of eight different dimensions broken down into two groups:

    Personal Dimension: emotional self-knowledge, self-control, self motivation, self-esteem

    Relational Dimension: empathy, emotional expression, conflict resolution, assertiveness

  • Customized feedback

  • A general description of what is meant by Emotional Intelligence.

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Marketing Aptitude Test

For Sales & Marketing Professionals

Discover your sales & marketing abilities

Marketing Aptitude Test
©Central Test

“A unique test, specially designed for sales & marketing professionals, to help them perform better.”

  • Identify key aspects of your sales and marketing skills

  • Analyze your profile in terms of four major business fields: 
Marketing, Sales Force, Customer Relations Management, and Technical Sales

  • Discover which business function suites your profile

The Marketing Aptitude Test is a specialized psychometric online assessment that evaluates your sales and marketing potential.
This type of test can also used by employers and recruiting agencies as part of their interview processes.

Your Marketing Aptitude report includes a personalized analysis based on:

  • Nine personality traits associated with sales aptitude

  • Four behavioral dimensions: Initiative, Social, Strong, Assertive, and Disciplined

  • Four professional dimensions: Sociability, Assertiveness, Composure, and Ability To Analyze

  • An explanation of the factors highlighted in your particular profile

  • Your profile matched with ten occupational groups within the fields of sales, distribution, and marketing

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