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The Recruitment Funnel

Posted: March 30, 2013

By: Josh Bersin

This is an interesting article in which the author talks about the validity of using newly available data about candidates, sourced in the burgeoning era of BigData, to assist in making critical hiring decisions.

"Data can tell us why some people perform better than others, why some people become strong leaders and others do not, and why some people are highly engaged and others are not."

The author notes the "Science of Fit", including I/O Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) research on the traits and characteristics of high performing people and the hundreds of models, such as Myers Briggs, looking at what skills are needed in different jobs. 

The article describes, “high-performer analysis” where assessment firms look beyond common skills or competencies like attention to detail, time management, cognitive thinking, problem solving, and learning agility to personality traits, experiences, and knowledge someone needs to succeed at a job (often called “KSA’s” or knowledge, skills, and achievements). 

This “high-performer” analysis approach selects the top 10% in performance and compares this group’s skills, personality traits, experiences, and knowledge against the average. And if the data (in this case provided by Kenexa, now a division of IBM) is statistically valid, a "model" for success in that job can be created.

The author claims that their research shows you can more than double your success rate for hiring with just a few carefully designed assessments of this type. 

The landscape of the assessment market is also described, from in-house implementations with companies like Google using computer and math problems to quickly understand whether a candidate has the basic skills for the job. To companies like Korn Ferry, SHL, DDI, CPP (Myers Briggs) offering specialized assessments by role and job as part of a wider market, which has grown to over $1 billion in size.

The author finishes:

"We are in an era of “new science of HR” – prehire assessments are among the easiest way to apply this science to your organization."

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