Psychometric Tests
Psychometric Test Examples

The following links will take you to quality examples of psychometric tests: 

Aptitude & Skills Tests

Personality & Career Tests

Other simple ways to prepare for psychometric tests include:

  • Practice Puzzles – crossword puzzles, word games, mathematical teasers and puzzles with diagrams.

  • Numerical Reasoning Skills – practice addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and calculations of percentages and ratios arithmetic both with and without a calculator. Don’t forget that the ability to extract information from charts and graphs is also often tested.

  • Verbal Reasoning Skills – Read relevant technical reports, academic or business journals and practice extracting the main points and summarize their meaning if you have time.

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before the day of the test. Remember to diligently read the instructions and questions before answering.

Free Psychometric IQ Test Example

Intelligence and reasoning tests are frequently used in recruitment. 

This short, Free Quiz will allow you to experience a scientifically validated IQ test and will help you to be prepared for other intelligence tests.